Your Go-To Source for Guns, Hunting, Pet and Farm Supplies

The preferred local gun shop and animal feed store in Archer City, TX

Keep the farm running and make this year's hunting season the best yet. Archer Feed, Firearms & More is a family-owned and operated gun shop and animal feed store offering all the hunting gear, pet and farm supplies you need in Archer City, TX.

At our store, you'll find:

  • Hand guns and rifles
  • Shotguns and revolvers
  • Ammo and accessories
  • Fishing equipment
  • Dog and cat supplies
  • Feed and farming supplies
  • Lawn and garden products


Stop by our store today or call 940-574-2392 to see what's in stock.


Making life easier down on the farm

Save a trip to those big-name farm supply or pet stores and come see us. As both a pet supply store and farm animal feed store, we'll help keep all your livestock happy, fed and fit for duty. While you're here, check out our selection of lawn and garden products to keep your property looking flawless.

Choose us as your hunting headquarters

On a hunt, having the right gear can make a huge difference. From deer feed to firearms and ammo, we've got all the hunting gear you'll need to ensure a successful season. Stop by our gun shop today to view our inventory.