I'm super impressed with the customer service I experienced from Marvin. I'm not even a customer but I called his store in search of a specific dog food that I needed for a brand new puppy. He went above and beyond to help me. I called several stores all over the state of Texas and no one else extended the helping hand that Marvin offered. He got in touch with the dog food distributor and got back to me with a contact that could help me in my search. Much appreciation and heartfelt thanks!

Sharida McKenzie

GREAT PLACE with GREAT FOLKS. I enjoy my stops there on the way to my deer lease. Great selection of protein and flavored corn for those picky deer on the ranch. It feels like I'm stepping back in time 50 years when I go there.

Laird Lind

Home town feed store with many unexpected products. The people there are very helpful and just good folks.

Chester Southard

I go there at lease twice a month to buy protein for deer. Really great and friendly place! They have a little bit of everything from eggs to guns! For sure a place to stop and see what's for sale!

Matthew Mannering